World Bamboo Day

World Bamboo Day is a day of celebration to increase the awareness of bamboo globally.

Bamboo is resilient & adaptable

With immense biodiversity, Bamboo species can restore land. Their unique characteristics of quick growth, extensive root systems, and pioneer spirit can reduce erosion, stabilize slopes, absorb heavy metals, create shade, harbor wildlife, recycle carbon dioxide, and clean the air.

Bamboos are Natural

Bamboos are natural flora in temperate, tropical and subtropical parts of the globe, native on every continent except Europe and Antarctica, and the latest estimates are that there may be some 50 million hectares of bamboo around the world. That’s nearly 124 million acres.

Bamboo can save the planet

It is environmentally friendly as it produces 35% more oxygen than many trees and is a good carbon sink as its sequestration properties are excellent. Bamboo species range to over 1500 and bamboo has over 19 000 uses and Mutenga Bamboo will explore ways to add value to this magic plant.

#PlantBamboo and Save the Planet

To the planet, we say #PlantBamboo It is time to plant bamboo, and not simply use it.